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Hey! I'm Brandon Rossi, a man with a deep passion for the world of finance!


  Having grown up in a home where the past two generations of Rossi's have had immense success in the financial world, has allowed me to be taken under their wing. 


My Grandpa was the youngest VP of Merill Lynch, Robert Rossi, he has a deep understanding of the futures and oil fields. 


My Father Robert Rossi the 2nd, was a VP of reliant energy.  He traded the electric markets as well as the currency markets. 


On the other hand, I've dived into the world of stock options.  With my family ALWAYS talking about their specific fields, I've always had an interest in ALL aspects of the financial markets.

With my deep family history in the financial markets, my family has mentored me in all asset classes.  This has allowed me to fall in love with the world of finance and trading the markets.

Brandon Rossi

Writer/CEO of TheFinancialOutpost

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