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The Dog Tag King of 2023

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

What dog tag company really displays the best customer service, combined with its easy-to-navigate stores?

#thedogtagking belongs to a special family-owned company in my heart with the BEST customer service we've experienced.

Let's dive deep into why the #dogtagking was awarded to this company.

Why Lobo Commander is are #2023dogtagking

The company we are talking about today is LOBO COMMANDER( ).

From the minute we ordered through their website, WE KNEW that we would be very satisfied. Their website was very easy to navigate, as I could easily pick through their beautiful selection of tags with ease.

They had every type of color on the color wheel you could choose from, with ours we chose a shiny silver!

Before being shipped out, the customer service was PRISTINE, it was very clear and easy how to design my dog tag.

It's a very simple and quick process that took about 30 seconds.

Through their main online store, all you have to do is fill out a quick form then BOOM, you're ready to go!

custom made dog tags

Then, we were notified when it was shipped and when it'll arrive.

This is amazing because we can see that the actual product was shipped out ON TIME.

I hate when other companies lie about when the product will arrive, this isn't the case here.

In case the mail loses your package, this is where pristine customer service comes in handy.

Explaining your situation to them, The Lobo Commander customer service team will work relentlessly to make sure YOU get what you ordered.

For example, I had a question about how to order their dog tag through their site on Walmart, and within an hour they reached back to me! Now, let's talk about the quality.

All I got to say is, PRISTINE perfect condition, this tag doesn't bend nor scratch easily. It's very durable and stable, having had my dog tag for the past 2 years, it's scratchless!

As well as selling dog tags, they also sell luggage tags too. This is also another

other reason why they rank #1 for tags.

The luggage tags are perfect for spotting your luggage, especially when another person has the same suitcase as me.

custom made luggage tags

After reviewing the tags, this family ran business is an amazing place to buy tags, and support local businesses!

The amazing customer support was a major reason I wanted to write about this business, as my experience with them was 10/10.

The title of #2023dogtagking 100% has to go to Lobo commander!

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