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Do you know why you trade the markets?

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

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Have you ever asked yourself, "why do I trade?" Someone asked me today, and to be honest it stumped me. Do I even know why?

Family History

Being a young kid in a trading family, I always heard about "trading", but little kid Brando never knew what it was.

Why would my dad wake up at 3 am every morning to trade different currencies during something called the London session?

How could he make trades with people, AND EARN MONEY FROM IT ASWELL!!!!

It intrigued me as a kid, but when I turned 16, I went from thinking this fantasy job was impossible to do, to bonding with my dad and hearing him talk about his history in trading.

Telling me stories back when he traded electricity for himself, making over 500k in one trade.

WOW, when 16-year-old Brando heard that, he was hooked. I knew from that day on, I wanted to follow in my father's footsteps as a trader.

But how? I had $0, as well as little to no knowledge about any of the financial markets.

How it started

Once I got a job as a young kid, I knew I was going to put 100% of most of my paychecks towards the financial markets, especially the stock market.

First, it started off as me just investing as a young kid, ironically at the top of the 2021 bubble LOL, not my greatest idea.

As a kid, I genuinely thought stocks just "go to the moon", as the AMC debacle happened only a couple of months before.

So I watched some youtube videos and decided to put in $1000 in NIO, not my greatest decision as I was following some random YouTuber's video.

NIO was around 45$, ''A great deal!", said Stock Moe, a YouTuber I started watching as I was learning. Looking back now, I know to never follow a random YouTuber's financial advice.

As for the next 6 months, my $1000 "perfect" investment started to shit the bed, as it went from $40 to $20, retracting 100% from its original price. I sold it at an 80% loss, as I was fooled by this former financial adviser. This is when my passion started to fiercely burn, as now I wasn't playing around.

I decided to load up the remaining of my money into a new account. A few weeks rolled by, and as I gained more money I loaded it up into my account.

I was investing through cash app before, so I was introduced to candlesticks this way! I believe everything happens for a reason, so I looked into the basics of trading candles, etc.

As a new trader, I was WAY too confident in the new field I entered in, as I over-leveraged, over-traded, didn't even know what I was trading, didn't know when to enter/exit the markets, basically all of the above on the wheel of trading flaws.

This led to me getting the rude awakening of, "shit, this is going to be a lot harder than I thought it was going to be."

A year rolled by, and I'm losing money every trading week.

Wonder why?

My post on the key attributes for gaining profitability goes more in-depth into why I wasn't profitable.

Starting to gain a real passion for the stock markets/trading them

Anyways, I knew I had to turn this ship around, gaining a competitive spirit with it.

I started to spend hours and hours trying to perfect my craft, this really fueled my love for trading even more!

As I started to turn the ship around, the first week of profit came, AND BOY did that feel like winning the Super Bowl!

WOW, did one week of profitability really feel like that? I believe when you work so hard for something, it'll eventually turn out for the better, and that's what I just witnessed with this first week of green!

Then the following week, the next green week rolls around, then the next so forth.

This is like an athlete working so hard for that D1 scholarship, then finally getting it!

It felt so good to start finally saying "I'm profitable." If you haven't felt the feeling of working so hard for something and achieving it, then go do it now! I swear it's like crack, once you do it you're hooked.

My love for the markets and trading kept growing and growing because of this.

I came to the realization that this is my true love, as anyone who listens to me knows, I can talk their ear off if they bring up anything about the financial markets.

So why do I trade the financial markets?

Writing this article, showed me the true reason why I trade. The money? Bonding with family over it?

Being able to say I did it? My fear of failing? All of these reasons are compelling, but it's not one of these reasons, but all of them.

All of these factors created the perfect storm, which is my love for trading in the markets.

Yes, the freedom to work whenever I want is nice, but this isn't the only profession where I can do this.

Yes, bonding with my family over this is amazing, but I also have other things to bond with them about.

Being able to say I did it is a big reason, but it's definitely not the only reason.

My fear of failing definitely helped with the not quitting part, but is this why I trade?

All of these things I listed built my love for the markets, and I wouldn't trade my story for anything in the world.

Get it, I wouldn't TRADE it, LOL.

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